Electro Dough
Lay everything out on the table
AA Batteries
(not included)
Battery Holder
Crocodile Clips
Dough Cutters
Electro Dough
(or Play-Doh)
10× Jumper Wires
10× Green LEDs
10× Red LEDs
Tilt Switches
Light one LED
Make this picture with your components and switch it on.

Caution: Never directly connect an LED to the battery because the voltage will be too high and the LED will pop. The electro dough acts as a resistor in the circuit.
An LED has polarity and only works in one direction. It must have the longer leg towards the positive (red) side of the battery.
Not working?
You've made a circuit
Touching dough
Now push the 2 balls together till they touch.

What happens?
This is called a short circuit.

Electricity will always find the easiest way back to the battery pack. The dough is a much easier route than the effort of lighting and LED.
Electricity loves a short circuit
Light 2 LEDs
Add another dough ball and LED.

Do you think it's going to be brighter or dimmer?
This is called a series circuit.

The more LEDs you add in a chain, the dimmer the lights will get.

If one of the LEDs is removed, the circuit is broken and all the lights will go out.
Not working?
More bulbs = dimmer lights.
Light 3 LEDs
Why are they all bright now?
This is a parallel circuit.

The electricity flows through each LED independently, so many LEDs can be lit.

If one LED is removed, the others will remain lit.
Not working?
Hey, super bright! Parallel circuits can light lots of LEDs
Make a dough button
Add an extra ball to your circuit like in the picture.

What happens when you touch the balls together?
Buttons are just ways of making and breaking a circuit, stopping the flow of electricity, like a light switch in your house.
Not working?
On off on off. You made a dough button!
Find your buzzer
You can connect all kinds of things to a circuit. Try a buzzer.
Buzzers make a noise when electricity flows through them. Like LEDs, they only work one way around (that's why the wires are colour-coded). Buzzers are very hungry so they might tire your batteries quickly.
Not working?
Buzzers turn electricity into noise, bzzzzzzzzzz
Tilt your circuit upside down
Shake the tilt switch by your ear, hear something? Now put it in the circuit as in the picture and turn it upside down.

What happens to the LED?
Tilt switches are little plastic tubes with a metal ball inside. When you hold them one way, the metal ball touches the 2 metal wires and completes a circuit. When you tilt it the other way the ball falls away and breaks the circuit.
Not working?
On off on off, all with a twist of the wrist
Use the jumper wires
Make the circuit as shown. Touch the dough button to each ball. Does it work?
The dough button opens and closes the circuit.
Not working?
Bip bop. Neat huh! You have mastered electro dough basics
Yeah! You built your kit!
But we’re just getting started. To complete your kit, we’re going to teach you how to make the most out of your kit.